Chicken Frankies

“Frankies” are a popular Indian street snack first introduced in Mumbai many, many years ago. It is similar to a “kati” roll and comprises of a egg-washed flat bread, chutney, spices, onions and any kind of meat and/or a mix of veggies. I often make a vegetarian version of these which is loved by all. I decided to spice it up a bit and make a chicken frankie that’s tangy and scrumptious. I took this chicken recipe and played around with it and came up with something new that now seems to be a family favorite! I simply omitted the yogurt, coconut milk or milk from the recipe. The chicken is cooked with lots of caramelized onions which give . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cookies- Recipe by Ina Garten, Makes 36 cookies Few food indulgences can match the warmth and comfort of eating a freshly baked cookie! I surprised my daughter with a special after-school treat with a fresh batch of Chocolate Chunk Cookies (with white, melted chocolate drizzled on top!). These cookies are a hit with kids of all ages! Crisp on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside thanks to gooey chunks of chocolate make these the best cookies I’ve ever tasted (so far!). And now, in accordance with specific instructions from my 3-year old niece (!), I am freezing half the cookie batter in advance of my upcoming visit to New York City in the Spring. Ingredients: . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Pav Bhaji

I hope you enjoy this recently uploaded video on how to prepare Pav-Bhaji! “Pav” ( small loaf of bread) Bhaji (veggies)” is a popular form of Indian fast food sold on street corners and restaurants alike. Delicious, cheap and easy-to-put together pav-bhaji is served with buttered bread hot off the stove. I am yet to meet a person who is not fond of this famous street food from India. Pav-bhaji is basically a thick potato-based mixture (tomatoes, green peas, carrots, cauliflower and capsicum) prepared on a flat griddle. A special masala called pav-bhaji masala is added to this with a dollop of butter on top. The mixture is garnished with chopped cilantro and onions flavored with lemon juice. INGREDIENTS: . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Aaloo Tikkis – Creamy Potatoes Deep Fried

Aaloo Tikkis – Makes 12 Tikkis“Aaloo Tikkis” are a versatile and delicious appetizer that you can serve at any time – as an afternoon snack with tea, as an after school snack for kids or, as with a bowl of piping hot lentils and rice. First, potatoes are boiled, peeled and mashed to make a smooth, creamy mixture. Then it’s seasoned with cumin seeds, fresh cilantro, green chillies, and bread is added as a binder so that, when they are deep fried they hold their shape and are crispy on the outside and taste creamy on the inside. I like to serve these tikkis with home made green chutney or tomato ketchup. Hope you enjoy it! Ingredients: 2 medium sized . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


“Poori-bhaji” or puffed Indian bread with potatoes is a very popular Indian hot-breakfast meal. It is as staple as rice and lentils in many Indian households. “Poori” is yet another version of Indian bread made from dough consisting of whole wheat flour, semolina, a pinch of sugar and salt for taste. The dough is rolled into small circles and deep fried in oil. While frying, the “poori” puffs up and this is its defining characteristic. “Bhaji” or vegetables, in this case, is generally boiled potatoes and spices. Note: This dish does use a lot of oil. The potatoes tend to absorb oil while cooking them. Ingredients for potatoes “bhaji” : Serves 4 5 potatoes – boiled ( I used “Yukon . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Vegetarian Soya Shami Kebabs

Traditionally, a “shami” kebab is a small fried patty made of cooked, minced goat or lamb. The version featured here is the vegetarian version made using soya granules. My mother in law who is vegetarian insisted that I try one. They are healthy as well as delicious – soya granules, rice, carrots, scallions, egg, bread crumbs, fresh herbs like mint and cilantro. For a pure vegetarian experience you can add extra bread crumbs and skip the egg altogether. This recipe has been adapted from famous Indian author, Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian cookbook. The one important step when using soya granules is that is has to be boiled properly because soya has a peculiar smell which you can get rid . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Homemade Granola Bars

Homemade Granola bars- recipe by Ina Garten “Back to Basics”- makes 12 to 16 bars. I’ve always wanted to try this recipe – ever since I first read it in Ina’s “Back to Basics” book. I finally got my chance this Holiday Season -including these delicious bars with gifts and presents to friends and family! The bars are so healthy and filled with dates, apricots, almonds, and sweetened with the goodness of honey. I could eat this anytime especially after lunch or dinner as a sweet treat without feeling guilty! Ingredients: 2 cups old-fashioned oatmeal 1 cup sliced almonds 1 cup shredded coconut, loosely packed 1/2 cup toasted wheat germ 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 2/3 cup honey 1/4 cup light . . . CLICK TO READ MORE