Indian Potatoes-“Batata Bhaji”

Indian Potatoes- Serves 6 This is the recipe I turn to when I have to fix a meal quickly. It works as a yummy side dish or vegetable. This weekend too, we had my cousin visiting from Mumbai. I was under the impression that all meals would be out considering he would love to try out different cuisines. To my surprise or rather delight, he really wanted a home cooked meal especially something made by me. That’s just what any compulsive foodie wants to hear who loves to cook! I did not have much time as it was already 11:00 am and with no groceries in the house I knew I had to run and get some chicken, yogurt and . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Mushroom,Spinach and Corn Bake

This post is very special for me for a number of reasons. First, I just learned that my recipes will be a weekly feature on the popular local “mom” blog series “AZ Desi Mums“, “Sydney Desi Mums“, and “Dubai Desi Mums”! “Desi” is an affectionate reference to people from India who live abroad. “Desi Mums” is a hangout for “desi” moms to share, recommend and discuss mom concerns and interests. This will be my first featured recipe! Another reason why this recipe is special to me is because this was one of the first dishes I learned to cook. This dish was a party favorite back home and I am forever grateful to my Mom for teaching me how . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Gobi Kheema – Minced Cauliflower

This dish is a great example of a simple yet delicious cauliflower based- preparation. I never knew cauliflower could taste this good till I ate it this dish around 11 years ago. It is made with cauliflower that is cut finely cut almost to resemble kheema which is a mince. This dish is made every weekend for lunch at my place to go along with hubby’s favorite tangy yellow dal (lentil) and rice. Honestly, I can eat this just plain, bowlfuls of it to be honest. I hope you enjoy it! Ingredients: 1 medium sized cauliflower, cut finely 1 onion chopped fine 2 tomatoes chopped fine 2- 3 green chillies chopped fine 2 tablespoons of fresh cilantro, finely chopped 1 . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Puffed Chickpea In Yogurt “Boondi Raita”

Last weekend, I had my neighbours over for an “authentic” Indian meal. I was excited to cook for them. I prepared chicken curry, lentils, potatoes with cumin, okra and boondi raita. They found boondi raita to be unique since they have only tried raitas with cucumbers and tomatoes at local restaurants. They were thrilled to know that it was so easy to make. My friend said she would make this as a side with some grilled chicken. Traditionally, boondi raita is served as a side dish with chicken curry, pilafs or even with lentils and rice. “Boondi” are tiny, round, fried droplets made from chickpea flour, readily available at any Indian grocery store. To make raita, look for salted boondi. . . . CLICK TO READ MORE