Indian Cottage Cheese With Peas-“Matar Paneer”

“Matar Paneer” is a popular North Indian dish. Cubes of soft paneer are cooked with peas and tomatoes. I also love the versatility of this gravy which can be used to make potatoes with peas too! This is one of my favorite and easy recipes I turn to, when in a hurry to cook something fast and delicious! The tomatoes are cooked with ginger and green chillies, then your vegetable, either paneer or potatoes are added in along with some Indian spices. Unbelievably quick and yummy! I generally avoid using store bought paneer as I find it expensive and the texture tends to be tough unless I am in a tearing hurry. Making paneer at home is not only more . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Pav Bhaji

I hope you enjoy this recently uploaded video on how to prepare Pav-Bhaji! “Pav” ( small loaf of bread) Bhaji (veggies)” is a popular form of Indian fast food sold on street corners and restaurants alike. Delicious, cheap and easy-to-put together pav-bhaji is served with buttered bread hot off the stove. I am yet to meet a person who is not fond of this famous street food from India. Pav-bhaji is basically a thick potato-based mixture (tomatoes, green peas, carrots, cauliflower and capsicum) prepared on a flat griddle. A special masala called pav-bhaji masala is added to this with a dollop of butter on top. The mixture is garnished with chopped cilantro and onions flavored with lemon juice. INGREDIENTS: . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Vegetarian Frankies

“Frankies” are another popular Indian street snack first introduced in Mumbai many, many years ago. It is similar to a “kati” roll and comprises egg-washed flat bread, chutney, spices, onions and any kind of meat and/or a mix of veggies. The “Frankie” is a great way to get a healthy serving of protein, carbs and vegetables all in one convenient, kid-friendly roll or snack wrap! I prefer Missoni tortillas or Malaysian “Kawan” brand rotis which are easily available at any Indian grocery store. You could also make Indian bread at home, but let me be honest, I am just too lazy to roll out “chappatis”. If you like, you can also skip the egg wash for the pure vegetarian experience. . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Shepherd’s Pie

Traditional shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef or ground lamb, cooked with vegetables like carrots, peas and onions and then topped with creamy mashed potatoes. I have given this recipe an Indian twist by adding Indian spices like garam masala along with worcerstershire sauce, making it a fusion dish. I use ground turkey (healthier option) and add vegetables like peas and onions and pasta(!) topping it with mashed potatoes. I was introduced to this dish by my aunt and was simply taken in by the complexity of flavors, a one pot dish that is enjoyed by the whole family! Ingredients for the turkey: 1.25 pounds of ground lean turkey 3/4 cup frozen green peas 3 medium sized onions chopped . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Shrimp Pilaf “Pulao”

This pilaf is every one’s favorite. If I get unexpected guests, this is what usually gets made. A one pot meal which has protein, carbs and vegetable. Easy, simple and sure to win compliments from your family and friends. This rice gets it’s flavor from the spices like cardamom, cloves and especially star anise. The shrimp just enhances the flavor. If making it for vegetarians, skip the shrimp. Simple ingredients and great taste. Sunday meals at our house were always elaborate. Since both my parents were working, Sunday was the official family day where we would all sit down together for a lavish afternoon meal. There was always two types of seafood, either a fried fish and a curry (crab . . . CLICK TO READ MORE