Indian Cottage Cheese With Peas-“Matar Paneer”

“Matar Paneer” is a popular North Indian dish. Cubes of soft paneer are cooked with peas and tomatoes. I also love the versatility of this gravy which can be used to make potatoes with peas too! This is one of my favorite and easy recipes I turn to, when in a hurry to cook something fast and delicious! The tomatoes are cooked with ginger and green chillies, then your vegetable, either paneer or potatoes are added in along with some Indian spices. Unbelievably quick and yummy! I generally avoid using store bought paneer as I find it expensive and the texture tends to be tough unless I am in a tearing hurry. Making paneer at home is not only more . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Indian Cottage Cheese With Fenugreek “Paneer Methi”

Paneer Methi- Serves 4 This time of the year, fresh fenugreek is available in plentiful so I decided to make my favorite fenugreek gravy “masala”. Fenugreek gravy “masala” is a versatile base that one can simply add fish or Indian cottage cheese (“paneer”) or even potatoes. The gravy is delicious and easy to prepare. Both, fresh fenugreek and cilantro contain a fair amount of sand and it is important to clean both in water prior to use. Also, while fresh fenugreek is bitter, it is very flavorful in taste and combines well with the fresh cilantro, freshly grated ginger, garlic and tomatoes that go into preparing this tasty “masala”. I hope you enjoy it! Ingredients: 4 to 5 cloves garlic, . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Paneer Masala

A couple of weeks ago, I published a “Mushroom Masala” recipe. It is such a hot favorite at my place, that I decided to add paneer to this gravy or “masala”. The masala itself is made of caramelized onions, tomatoes, fresh ginger-garlic paste and tandoori masala. Tandoori masala is non-spicy and has a bright red color to it. It is a combination of different spices like coriander, onion powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leaf, lemon oil to name a few. It really flavors the dish and one does not need to add any other spices except for this powder. I like to call it the “Magic Spice Powder!”. The paneer absorbed the gravy well and if you are serving this at . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

“Palak Paneer” – Indian Cottage Cheese in Spinach

“Palak Paneer ” is a popular North Indian dish. Cubes of cottage cheese or “paneer” are simmered in creamy blend of spinach, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, and spices to make this flavorful dish. I learned this recipe many years ago from my family chef in India. Brother or “bhaiya” as he is affectionately known, is an exceptional and mostly self-taught cook. I have tried many different recipes of palak panner from cook books and all my friends and family but prefer this one. It is a simple, healthy dish that is perfect for any family! Ingredients: 454 grams of spinach- cleaned and washed 4 big cloves of garlic 1 inch piece of ginger- chopped roughly 1 small onion- chopped finely . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Paneer Rolls

Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) rolls consist of a scrumptious filling of paneer cooked with caramelized onions, tomatoes and tandoori masala. The bright red color comes from the tomato paste and tandoori masala. Rolled in a tortilla or “chappati” (traditional Indian flour bread) topped with chopped onions. From time-to-time I’ll add homemade green chutney for a more traditional flavor! I have put the paneer filling in “Kawan” chappati which is a Malaysian brand that you can find in the frozen section of the Indian grocery store. If using these, do not defrost them. Heat on a pre heated pan until cooked. You can also use flour tortillas which work great because of their softness. You need Paneer and "Rajah" tandoori masala . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Paneer Makhanwala

“Makhanwala” is a tangy, tomato-based gravy cooked with butter and cream. You can add chicken, vegetables or paneer to this rich and creamy sauce depending upon your preference. However, what’s great about this particular recipe is that it has no butter or cream, making it a healthier option than the traditional recipe without compromising on flavor. It includes loads of healthy veggies like carrots,tomatoes, green capsicum and onions as well. The veggies are cooked and pureed and thus disguised making it a tasty option for kids otherwise averse to eating their vegetables. The credit for this recipe goes to my mom-in-law. After having tried this, I have to call her a genius. Ingredients: 1 medium onion- sliced 1/2 green capsicum . . . CLICK TO READ MORE