Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie- Recipe by Pioneer Woman, Serves 12 I have been very busy off late. I am on the hospitality committee at my daughter’s school this year and we are planning a “Welcome Back To School” teacher luncheon. I have volunteered to make a couple of desserts including 80 apple shaped sugar cookies which I will post soon. I am so excited! I have loved every minute of planning and organizing this party with a friend who is co- chairing with me. Now let’s talk about the key lime pie. I remember the first time my daughter ordered this dessert at a restaurant, I was convinced she wasn’t going to like it. In my mind, it’s a pretty . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Potato Soup With Sausage “Zuppa Toscano”

Zuppa Toscano Soup – Serves 6 After 3 straight dessert posts, it’s time for something a little more hearty and healthy. This recipe is for “Zuppa Toscano” soup made with Italian sausage, potatoes, onions, chicken broth, kale and a little cream. If the name “Zuppa Tuscano” sounds familiar it’s because you’ve probably seen it on the Olive Garden restaurant menu! Now that I’ve discovered the right recipe, I can finally enjoy this tasty soup anytime I like in the comfort of my home. I came across the recipe at my local “Publix” supermarket as part of their “Publix Apron Simple Meal” program. The goal of the program is to highlight simple yet delicious recipes designed to make meal-time stress free . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Rabri- Serves 5 “Rabri” is a rich Indian dessert made with milk, sugar and Kewra essence. Kewra is an extract distilled from Pandanus flowers. The essence has a strong aroma and so just a dash of it is perfect to flavor Indian sweets. The preparation time required for making “rabri” is about 5 minutes but the cooking time is very long – at 4 hours and 15 minutes! While it is time consuming, the end result will have your guests fighting for the last bite. “Rabri”is made by boiling down the milk to less than half its quantity. It is basically a mixture of thick cream sweetened with sugar and flavored with “kewra” essence and served chilled. Since it is . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Chocolate-Orange Mousse

Chocolate -Orange Mousse -recipe by Ina Garten I made this mousse last weekend to take to a dear friend’s farewell party. If there is a dessert that is worth breaking your diet for, It is this! A classic French dessert which is luxuriously rich, creamy and smooth. It is made with some of the finest ingredients like Grand marnier liqueur, freshly grated orange zest, fresh cream, lots of eggs and a high quality chocolate. I used “Lindt” which is one of my favorite. Since this recipe uses raw eggs it is essential to use the the freshest eggs you can find. It is a very easy and simple recipe too. It looks gorgeous, tastes like heaven and serves a large . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Savory Coeur A Creme

Savory Coeur A La Creme -Recipe by Ina Garten. Serves 8 to 10. In French, “coeur a la creme” means “cream-filled heart” or “heart with cream”. This is a classic dessert made with cream cheese, cream, sugar and lemon zest and set in a mold with holes and served with fruit sauce. I decided to try the savory appetizer version which is served with “Major Grey” mango chutney. It tastes light and refreshing with just a hint of lemon. The mango chutney further enhances the flavors of this great appetizer (served here with whole wheat crackers). I think coeur a la creme is a creative alternative to the usual cheese platter. Ingredients 12 ounces cream cheese at room temperature 1 . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Red Berry Trifle

Red Berry Trifle- Recipe by Ina Garten, taken from food network I made Berry Trifle for my daughter’s birthday last month. It was a very quiet affair celebrated with close friends. Since I had already made Ina’s raspberry orange trifle in the past (which is superb!), I decided to make red berry trifle instead. Trifle is an English dessert which consists of layers of cake, custard , fruit and topped with whipped cream. I remember my mom making this as a dessert for parties. She would buy the cake and make the custard from a “Brown and Polson” box and then layer it with fruit and fresh whipped cream. In the past I have layered the trifle in a big . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

Chocolate Pudding Tart

Chocolate pudding tart- recipe by Ina garten” How easy is that”. This simple yet sophisticated dessert is a chocolate pudding poured in a graham cracker crust which is set in a tart pan. The chocolate pudding is smooth and decadently rich, which gets its deep chocolate flavor thanks to the good bittersweet chocolate, Kahlua liqueur and coffee. This dessert is sure to please every chocolate lover! I wanted to end 2011 and start 2012 on a sweet note by sharing one of my favorite dessert recipe’s by wishing you all a very Happy Year. Hope this New Year brings lots of peace, prosperity and happiness to all. For the crust: 2 cups graham cracker crumbs (14 graham crackers crushed in . . . CLICK TO READ MORE