Teacher Appreciation Cake And Cookies!

We are truly blessed to have some fine teachers in my daughter’s school! I made this three layer moist chocolate cake decorated with strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream! I love making a meringue based buttercream, either Swiss or Italian as I find it not overly sweet, fluffy and delicious!! I used a classic chocolate cake recipe, added fresh strawberry puree to SMBC, and finally poured a rich dark chocolate glaze over the top! My daughter’s class teacher loved it!These cookies were inspired by my favorite cookie decorator’s like Jill FCS and Sweetsugarbelle! My favorite are the apples! Which one do you like? . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Happy Birthday Chelsea!

I recently had the pleasure of making these aqua and gold cookies for a beautiful young lady who just turned 20. Happy birthday Chelsea!   One of my favorite designs and I try to use it whenever I can. Recently I also made monogram cookies using the same stencil. . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Baby Shower Cookies!

I love making baby shower cookies! I have made a couple of sets for a girl before. So when I was asked to make one for little baby boy, I was so excited. I based the designs on the invitation! . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


40th Birthday Cookies And Matching Oreos!

This is one of my favorite 40th birthday cookie set. I also made chocolate covered Oreos to match the cookies. Happy birthday Kara!  


Cakes Galore!

The last couple of months I have been obsessed with baking and decorating cakes. I am inspired by so many talented cake artists like Katherine Sabbath, Sweetapolita, Style Sweet CA, Cakestyle, Ivenoven and the list can go on and on. Each of them has their own distinct style which I adore and spend countless hours on Instagram looking at their work. Unlike cookies where you get to decorate many different designs and then select and choose the ones you like the best, decorating a cake is different. At least for me, where everything has to be done right in the first go. This pink mini rosette cake was made for a cake smash shoot for Sherrikellyphotography. Sherri takes the best . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Penguin Cookies And Valentine Day Treats!

I posted these on my Instagram and Facebook page but completely forgot to post it on the blog. These caramel wrapped, chocolate dipped pretzels are addictive and so easy to make. I got the heart and lip molds from my local Walmart. These are Vienna wafers covered in chocolate. The molds are from Spinning leaf. Vienna wafers are not too sweet and perfect when paired with chocolate! We gifted these chocolate covered Oreos to my daughter’s teachers for Valentine’s day! . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Peach and Green Baby Shower Cookies!

I was so excited when my dear friend Carrie asked me to make baby shower cookies. These cookies were inspired by the evite. The mother to be loves alligators so definitely had to have them! The baby faces are inspired by one of the most talented cookies artist Keely of Sugared Hearts Bakery! Please check her Etsy shop too. She does some incredible work! The bouquet of roses design and baby bottles inspired by the incredibly talented Cookie Deco Fun! She has a fun tutorial on Youtube if you want to learn to make them. Click on the links to see their work. The evite! My favorite are the onesie cookies! Would love to know which ones are yours? Cake . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Happy Birthday Dad!

February is a busy month for us. My husband and daughter’s birthday’s are a week apart. This year, my daughter decided to bake a cake for her dad! She was determined to do it all by herself. This is a three layer chocolate cake frosted with a rich chocolate frosting! She decorated it with M &M’s , Kit-kat bars, Mars, chocolate pearls and lots of sprinkles. I was proud of her for not just baking the cake but also for cleaning up the mess. I have been obsessed with cakes lately. So I have been experimenting, like this drip cake I saw from Sweetapolita’s blog! This is a six layer cookies and cream cake that I baked for my friend . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Happy Birthday Meghna!

My little one recently celebrated her 10th birthday! This year she decided to have a art/paint party at the local Painting with a twist. I made two cakes, one was a doodle cake where the kids got to write sweet messages for the birthday girl with edible markers and the other was a purple galaxy rainbow cake (daughter’s favorite color) with lots of sprinkles. Sprinkles were ordered from Sweetapolita’s Etsy shop! The inspiration for this cake is from Sweetapolita’s blog. I combined two of Rosie’s recipes- one from her book and the other from the blog. There are six colorful layers tucked inside this cake and is frosted with my favorite Swiss Meringue Buttercream! The cake topper was ordered from . . . CLICK TO READ MORE


Lego Party!

I recently had the pleasure of making all kinds of delicious treats for a Lego party! So fun! Chocolate covered Oreos, Caramel wrapped chocolate dipped pretzels, Rice Krispy treats, Cake pops, Marshmallows dipped in chocolate, and no dessert table is complete without decorated sugar cookies! . . . CLICK TO READ MORE