Alice In Wonderland Cookies

IMG_9739This last weekend we had a big event at my daughter’s school. The kids performed in “Alice in Wonderland”. They all worked really hard and did an incredible job. I had a concession stand set up at the event with cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, Oreos and Oreo gems! Sharing a few pictures from the event.
The original design for Alice and drink me cookie is by Sweetsugarbelle! I followed her tutorial. The drink me cookie was also inspired by Mary of Emma’s Sweets!IMG_9740


Queen of hearts!
IMG_9731 Cheshire cat!IMG_9736

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…IMG_9748


I made two flavors of cookies- vanilla sugar cookie and chocolate sugar cookies!IMG_4431

Vanilla cake pops!IMG_4442

Red velvet cake pops!IMG_4436

Oreos dipped in chocolate were a huge hit! I used an edible image and then decorated them with flowers made of chocolate and sixlets!IMG_4454



Oreo Gems- People loved these and were at first reluctant to eat them as they thought they were not edible:) I topped the gem with an edible gold leaf.IMG_4437

I made three types of cupcakes – Chocolate cupcakes with a malt chocolate frosting! I used this recipe and instead of the nutella frosting, made malt frosting for it.IMG_4438

These are Kir Jensen’s famous “Highway To Heaven Cupcakes”. Love her recipes and book! Chocolate cupcakes injected with salted caramel and then dipped in a rich chocolate ganache, then drizzled with more salted caramel and some potato chips on top. Insanely delicious! I sold out of these! Find the recipe here.IMG_4435

Confetti Cupcakes from Sweetapolita’s book! Moist and amazingly delicious! The book says it makes 12 cupcakes but the batter yielded 24 cupcakes.IMG_4445


Most parents pre-ordered cookies which were presented in these gold boxes!

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