Bridal Shower – Pink and Gold


I recently had the pleasure of working on a dessert table for a bridal shower. I made cookies, cake pops, pretzels dipped in chocolate, chocolate cupcakes filled with toasted marshmallows and a malt chocolate frosting, red velvet cupcakes and mini desserts like toasted panna cottas with a rich, dark chocolate sauce and chocolate pots de creme. I had a lot of fun making these cookies and desserts.
The bride’s mother had set up and decorated the place so beautifully. Sharing some pictures from the event!IMG_9483

A big thank you to Icings by Ang who allowed me to use her tiara design. I absolutely love her work. My spin on it was that I topped the crown with a decorative fondant jewel! IMG_9485

There is a great tutorial on You Tube by Cookie deco fun on how make to make these bouquets. Click on the link.IMG_9489





Pretzels dipped in chocolate! I love making these sweet treats!IMG_9545




All my desserts! The cake in the centre is not mine.IMG_9552

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!IMG_9553

Toasted Panna Cotta!IMG_9554

Vanilla cake pops!IMG_9555



Chocolate pots de creme! Insanely delicious!IMG_9558

Chocolate cupcakes filled with toasted marshmallows and topped with a malt chocolate frosting!IMG_9559 IMG_9564Each guest got to take a cookie home!


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