Happy Diwali Cookies


Wishing all my readers a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New year! “Diwali” is the Hindu New Year and is also known as the Festival of Lights. It stands for the triumph of good over evil, truth over falsehood, and light over darkness. “Diwali” is celebrated by lighting “Diyas” as seen in the picture above, bursting firecrackers, preparing Indian sweets and desserts,  exchanging gifts with family and friends.
IMG_8546“Rangoli Cookies” – It is believed that “Laxmi” the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity comes to every home on “Diwali” night. To welcome her, houses are cleaned, “rangoli” is set up by the front door with plenty of lights, families pray to Goddess Laxmi in the evenings. The lights signify the victory of good over evil in every human being.
“Rangoli” is a folk art in India in which patterns are created on the floor using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. The purpose of rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck!

This was my first “Diwali” cookie order and was so excited. It is one of the biggest festivals in India! I wanted to turn every idea into a cookie! I went with a pink, orange and gold color scheme. IMG_8581I airbrushed these cookies using Americolor gold sheen and a stencil and then piped Happy Diwali. The cookie was then hand painted with edible gold dust.

girl with a phool jadiThis image is from Shachi Kale.

This is my favorite design from the entire “Diwali” set! This is my absolute favorite design from the Diwali set! The inspiration for this cookie came from my gorgeous and talented friend Shachi whose work I admire and love! Shachi is a book illustrator, designer and an artist.
Shachi was so kind and gracious in allowing me to turn her artwork into a cookie. Thank you so much. This is my humble attempt at creating this girl!
Too see more of her stunning work click here:http://shachikale.wix.com/shachi#!about/ciaa

The rockets were made using Klickitat Street’s tutorial! I love her work!
IMG_8568This is the whole set! May this New Year be bright, happy and prosperous for all!

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