70th Birthday Cookies

IMG_6867My friend Kim ordered these cookies for her Dad’s 70th Birthday. The designs were selected by Kim after she saw them on the Vanilla Bean Baker and That Sweet Ang. I loved the idea. I hand cut the interstate cookies. I googled Interstate 70, saved the image and resized it to 3 inches. I then printed it, cut it out and stuck it on a thicker paper. I then placed it on the rolled dough and cut them using an X-acto knife.

After the cookies had been baked and cooled, I first flooded the dark blue portion. Let it dry for 2-3 hours and then worked on the top red color leaving a little gap for the white. After the cookies were completely dry, I piped the white line. I didn’t want the color to run. I then placed the image in my Kopykake projector and piped interstate and 70. IMG_6874

The other design was relatively simple. Just a rectangular cookie with 70 and no limits written. I really enjoyed making these cookies!

The cookies were a big hit at the party!

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