Butterfly Cookies – Hello Spring

Butterfly Cookies 

DSC_8229February has been a busy month with a lot of cookie orders. I cannot wait to share some of the other cookies I have been working on. These are extra special since I made them for my adorable niece who just turned four. She wanted “colorful” butterflies. I went with bright, bold colors with a  simple marbling technique and she loved them. This was also my first time mailing them and these delicate creatures reached in one piece!

Things you need:


IMG_6038I started by outlining the butterfly. I worked with 6 to 8 cookies at a time. Allowed the black outline to crust a bit, around 20 minutes or so. Then, filled the wings one at a time with a color. Immediately, piped three small lines on the wings and using a toothpick or boo boo stick (pictured above) dragged it towards the inside. This is known as the marbling technique.IMG_6044

I also piped a drop of color as the eye. All this is done when the icing is wet, so it’s important to move fast. Finish the rest of the wings and set aside to dry for at least 2 hours.DSC_8229

Finally I added black icing in the middle. Let the cookie dry completely for 8 to 10 hours before packaging them.DSC_8220

I really wanted to add some black sanding sugar on the black (in the middle) for some sparkle, but unfortunately did not have any on hand. If you do decide to, make sure the rest of the cookie is completely dry ( wait at least 6 hours) when you pipe the black and then immediately throw the sanding sugar on top. Hold the cookie over a coffee filter or parchment paper so you can catch the excess sugar easily and pour it back into the bottle. After about an hour or so, you can simply brush off the extra sugar with a brush used just for food purposes.IMG_6062

I mailed these cookies to my niece in New York. I followed sweetsugarbelle’s packaging instructions and reached intact!

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