Merry Christmas

IMG_5695Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

This was my first Christmas cookie order and I enjoyed making these. I really wanted to try out so many different shapes and designs inspired by blogs I follow or something that caught my eye. Be it wrapping  paper, greeting cards, stickers or a decorative christmas bag. I wanted to turn everything into a cookie! I hope you like them.
I would also like to Thank  Eli of for passing me the Liebster award. This award is given by fellow bloggers to one another.


I loved this bag at Michael’s and wanted to make it into a cookie!



I made two designs for Mrs. Claus. One was from Sugared Hearts Bakery and the other one from Sweetsugarbelle.


I loved these mittens by and the red birds from




IMG_5681All packed and ready to be delivered!

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