Roller Skate Cookies

IMG_5563 I have been working on a lot of cookie orders lately. After all, this is one of the busiest time of the year and most fun and festive too! I do hope to post an Indian recipe soon, so please stay tuned.

I made these cookies for a recent roller skate birthday party. Originally I had planned to make this design from Ali bee’s blog but after my friend Katie showed me the paper plates she had bought for the party which were an animal print in bright green and pink, the plan changed. I loved this design from my favorite site Pinterest and made 3 dozen of these. The birthday girl was thrilled!

Things you need:

Sugar cookies

Royal icing tinted with Americolor electric green, white, electric pink, and  super black

Electric green-15 seconds icing and piping consistency

White- 15 seconds icing

White- 20 seconds icing

Electric pink – 15 seconds icing, piping consistency and thicker icing for writing

Black- piping and 15 seconds icing

Edible black pen


Cut out the roller skate cookie shapes, bake and cool completely.IMG_5549

Using the piping consistency pipe the wheels, make 2 circles and then fill in with black flood icing. Join a line between the wheels. Let this dry and set for at least an hour. (I am always worried with bleeding issues so I tend to leave it to dry longer). Make sure to have the fan on to dry the icing quickly.IMG_5551

Fill the entire cookie with white flood icing, leaving room in the front where you will add pink. Also fill the inside of the wheels with green flood icing.IMG_5555

Let the cookies dry for at least 4 hours. Fill the front of the cookie with pink.  Pipe a heart using the white 20 seconds icing. Let the cookie dry for 8 to 12 hours.

Using a black edible pen, draw lines on the heart to look like an animal print. Using piping consistency black icing, make a peace sign on the wheel.

Using pink icing (slightly thicker)pipe a number on the heart and the name of the birthday girl if you wish to personalize.IMG_5560

IMG_5565Let this dry for another 2 hours, then package in clear bags with a matching ribbon.IMG_5570

Boxed and ready to go!






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