Elf Cookies


I volunteered to make these for my daughter’s Girl Scout Brownie troop party. My little one insisted on elf cookies. I had pinned a few elf cookie designs by Lisa The bearfoot baker and  yankeegirlyummies but I did not have an elf cutter. I emailed Lisa asking her for advice with designs since I didn’t have an elf cutter and who as usual so kind and generous to say that she could mail me hers. So sweet of her but I did not want to inconvenience her. So I googled away to find some options and stumbled upon Klickitat Street site and absolutely fell in love with Sarah’s work. She had used an ice cream cutter to make little elves. What a brilliant idea! I totally stole the idea and got cracking on making these. The girls loved them!

Things you need:

Sugar cookies

Ice cream cone cutter

Royal icing tinted with Americolor leaf green, chocolate brown, super black, egg yellow and ivory with a touch of brown (15 second icing consistency)

Disposable piping bags, couplers,tip 2 and 1


Cut out the sugar cookies using your cutter. Transfer onto the sheet pan lined with parchment paper and slightly curve the top of the hat using your fingers.

Bake and cool completely. I usually bake the cookies a day before I start icing them.

Prepare your royal icing and divide them in different bowls. Tint with leaf green, ivory plus a dash of brown, chocolate brown, egg yellow, and black.

Pipe and flood the hair, let it crust for about a hour and start working on the hat. Between each colors, I gave at least a 45 minutes gap in order to avoid bleeding issues.

Let the face dry completely before adding the eyes and nose. I used a tip 1 for the eyes.

After the cookies are completely dry which could take up to 8 to 12 hours, package them in clear cello bags and tie a matching ribbon. Enjoy!IMG_5097

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