Indian Wedding Cookies

DSC_6921 This last weekend we were in Orlando to attend my close friend Kavitha and Biren’s wedding. It was one of the most awesome weddings I have attended. The festivities started on Friday night which was the Mehndi/Sangeet night. MehndiΒ or also known as henna is applied on all auspicious and special occasions on the palm of the hands. The designs are intricate and some times the bride might also write the name or an initial of the bridegroom on her palm which the bridegroom has to find.

The next day, they had two ceremonies. The Sikh wedding was held in the morning and afternoon was the Hindu ceremony followed by the reception in the evening. Both the ceremonies were beautiful and the bride looked gorgeous!

I have known Kavitha for almost seven years. The moment I met her we hit it off. Kavitha is one of the most friendliest people you can meet. Vivacious, beautiful, helpful and I can go on. To sum it up in one word she is a sweetheart! I was delighted when she asked me to do her wedding cookies. I had the pleasure of making 145 of her wedding cookies. I showed her a few samples before and she liked the one based on her wedding card. This is one of the biggest orders I have handled so far and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Kavitha for trusting me to make your wedding cookies!


The Wedding Invitation was the inspiration behind these cookies!



The Sikh Ceremony.


The Gorgeous Couple- Mr. and Mrs. Jaspal


At the Hindu Ceremony.


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