American Girl Cookies

IMG_5036Compulsive foodie turned TWO last week. It’s been such an exciting and wonderful two years of blogging. I have learned so much from other creative and talented blogger friends and continue learning something new everyday. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

I have developed new interests or rather obsessions like cookie decorating. I made these for my friend’s daughter’s “American Girl ” party. Each girl got her own star with her name written on it. They are super simple to make and I had fun making them!

You need:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Star cutter and square cutter
  • Square cutter
  • Royal icing tinted with Americolor bright white-15 seconds icing
  • Electric pink- 15 seconds icing
  • Turquoise- 15 seconds icing
  • Teal sanding sugar
  • Hot pink sanding sugar
  • Couplers, disposable piping bags and piping tips 2 and 3
  • PME piping tip 1.5 for writing


Make star shaped sugar cookies. Allow to cool completely before icing them.

Using a piping tip number 3, outline and flood the star shaped cookie. Allow to dry completely for 6 to 12 hours, this will depend on the humidity in your area. There is a great post on one of my favorite blog’s “Lilaloa” about drying cookies. Since it very humid where I live I have bought a dehydrator and it’s great!

After the icing has completely dried, outline the star again with white icing and immediately pour some teal sanding sugar around the border. The sugar will stick to the wet border. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and then with a clean painter’s brush (only for food use) brush away the excess. Check this video by Callye of Sweetsugarbelle on how to apply sanding sugar.

For the square cookie, I divided it into two colors. I outlined and flooded the top half with turquoise icing. I let this dry for about an hour. I was afraid of the colors bleeding into one another. Then I outlined and flooded the bottom half with electric pink. Let the icing dry completely for a few hours and then write on the cookie using slightly thickish icing and a tip 1.5.

After that’s dry, using stiff royal icing in white and a tip 2, pipe a bead border around the cookie.

For the writing on the cookie:

Note: Since this post, my husband has gifted me a KopyKake projector (my birthday gift) that I used to write on these cookies. I simply love my KopyKake.

PME tip 1.5- for writing

25 to 30 seconds bright white icing

25 to 30 seconds turquoise icing

I selected the font I wanted and printed it. I stuck this paper in the projector and started piping. Here is a great tutorial on how to use a Kopykake projector.IMG_5034

About eight months ago, my daughter too had an American Girl birthday party! I had made star shaped cookies that doubled as name tags for the girls at the table. It was my first time decorating with royal icing. Definitely have learned so much since then about decorating. Sharing a few pictures of my daughter’s party!



This was my first time decorating with royal icing. Wish I had given it a border with some sanding sugar. None the less the girls seemed to love them!


 I served 3 kinds of sandwiches – egg salad,  cucumber and cream cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I also served home made mac and cheese, bagel bites (out of a box), popcorn and cheese puffs.

Bagel BitesDSC_3675


I had a dessert table set up with my little one’s favorite desserts. Coeur a la CremeStrawberries dipped in chocolate, Red Berry Trifle, Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.




DSC_0036As for games and activities, I had set up a doll salon, a craft station where they made little bags for their dolls, face painting and tattoos, Bingo and pin the tail on the dog. I looked for several images on the internet and found this one I liked and sketched it. The girls had so much fun!DSC_3767

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