Dr.Seuss Cookies

DSC_6703Sugar Cookies- Dr. Seuss

A month ago, my neighbor who is a teacher asked me if I could make these for her little students. I was excited and ready for the challenge.  There was just one problem. I did not have a kopykake projector or the required cookie cutters. So I made my own cutter by simply sketching the hat and then hand cutting the dough. I used royal icing transfer technique in making the fish. I googled away till I found some free coloring  pages of the fish that I could use. My neighbor and her little munchkins were thrilled to have these!

You will need:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Round cutter
  • Dr. Seuss hat cutter or make your own
  • Royal icing
  • Americolor super red, egg yellow, super black, leaf green
  • Edible black decorating pen
  • piping tips 1, 2 and 3


IMG_4620Bake the sugar cookies and allow to cool completely. I like to bake them a day in advance before decorating them.

I made the fish transfers the day before I started decorating the cookies. Start working on your fish transfers by taping the image onto the back of a sheet pan and using black piping consistency icing with a number 1 tip. I piped the outline of the fish in black and then after 15 minutes or so filled it in with white. Let these dry overnight under fan and the next day gently peel them off . Now you can add the eyes and other details on the fish using your edible black pen. I learned how to make royal icing transfers from Lisa The Bearfoot Baker.

I use the 15 second icing rule for making transfers.IMG_4625

Using the 10 second rule for icing, I outlined and flooded my round cookie with egg yellow and dropped the fish onto the wet icing. If you like, you could also first let the flood icing dry completely and then glue the fish onto the cookie using some royal icing. Make sure to set the cookies to dry in front of the fan to avoid bleeding issues especially if you live in a humid place.IMG_4622

As for the hat, outline with black piping and divide the hat by making sections. Alternate the colors with white and red. After it’s completely dry, use your edible pen to add the final details. I had a Dr. Seuss hat photo pulled up on my phone and kept copying the lines.IMG_4626

For the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cookies, write after the white icing has completely dried using a slightly thicker consistency (about 30 seconds). Allow the icing to dry completely for about 10 to 12 hours under a fan.

After the icing has dried, bag them in clear cello bags and tie a matching ribbon!

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