Orange-Beetroot Juice

Orange -Beetroot Juice- Serves 6

DSC_5808Last year my husband gifted me this fantastic Breville  Juicer so I could join my neighborhood friends on a cleanse diet of nothing but fresh juices all week long. Today, my juicer is an integral part of weekend breakfasts at my place. One of our favorites is white gourd with a splash of lemon juice. Another is a unique combination of oranges and beetroot which is positively divine!

I was doing some reading about beet roots and I came across this article on Dr. Oz’s site. Usually with any fruit or vegetable, doctors recommend eating it whole rather than juicing it as it loses it’s fiber and in turn one does not get the optimum nutritional value. But for people looking to lower their blood pressure beetroot juice can be a helpful option. I am no doctor, so you may want to click on this link to read more. It’s really interesting.

PS: I love my food way too much for any cleanse diet so that, unlike the juicer, went by the wayside!




3 navel oranges, peeled

3 beet roots, washed, trimmed and cleaned

Equipment: Juicer

I hope you enjoy this!DSC_5768

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